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Raw-Materials :
Our Raw-Materials are purchased from reputed manufacturers only. These Raw-materials include Steel, Chemicals, Paints etc.
E.g. : We purchase Chemicals only from Reputed chemical company same way we do for other raw materials.

Manufacturing Capability :
Our factory has complete manufacturing capability which includes shearing Machine , Power Presses , Press Brake ,Welding Machines, Paint Booth and oven etc.

Pre Treatment and Painting Process :
We undertake chemical treatment and remove oil and grease which may be on the Steel Sheets before painting . This is important as without chemical treatment there will not be good adherence of the paint to steel surface.
The chemical cleaning process includes de-greasing, de-rusting and phospating processes. The material is then painted with high glose synthetic Enamel Paint / Powder Coating.
Finally all the material is Oven baked to ensure good life and proper finish of the material.

Final Quality Product :
The above gives you good idea of our manufacturing process and should convince you of our ability to supply high quality products which can satisfy your stringent requirements.

Our main business locations are MAHARASHTRA and GUJARAT